About Us

Clanton Middle School officially opened at 835 Temple Road in January 2005 serving grades 6-8, with 700+ students being served.

Clanton Middle School was previously known as Henry M. Adair School, named after an outstanding math teacher and vice-principal.

Adair was built in 1939 at 102 First Street, serving as Chilton County High School grades 7-12.
With the completion of a new high school in 1963, Adair became a junior high school serving grades 5-8.

The first principal of Adair Junior High was Bernard Stewart.
Principals who followed:
Ray Scruggs (-1972)
R.G. Davis (1972 -1987)
James Popwell (1987-1991)
Frank Daniel (1991-1995)
Don Finlayson, Jr. (1995-2015)
Kelvin Boulware (2015-2016)
Carla White (2016-Present)

With Clanton's increasing population a new school (Clanton Intermediate School) was built in 2001 and Adair became grades 6-8.

In an effort to honor Adair, the Media Center at Clanton Middle School is named the Adair Media Center.